The Experience

Lake Creek Blueberry Farm isn't just a farm it is a family experience! You can come and pick up gallons of pre-picked blueberries or come and experience the picking yourself! 


Bring your whole family for an experience of a lifetime. Grab a bucket (and a harness, of course) and start picking your blueberries for $14.00 dollars. Kids of all ages are encouraged to come and pick! 


The great thing about picking blueberries at Lake Creek is there are no thorns on the bushes of blueberries. No worries, about getting stuck by a thorn! The only thing you have to worry about is eating some delicious blueberries along the way! 


Depending on how many blueberries you eat along the way or how many pictures you take with all the beautiful scenery it will take you anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to fill a bucket. But of course, we have no pesticides on our blueberries so they are 100% safe to eat as you pick! 


We do suggest packing some sunscreen and a hat for those 

hotter or sunnier days on the farm!


TIP: coming earlier in the morning will provide you and your

family cooler weather picking! 




Tel: (903) 386-8200







1471 W. 321

Montalba, Texas